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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Greater Israel...


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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Good questions, Ralph


A few questions for Palestinian supporters

I am an American temporarily living in Israel for work related reasons. I am not Jewish and before moving here I had no biases. I am currently living in the red-zone and I have recently learned what it feels like to have a missile strike in such close proximity to your home that the windows shake. It is not a good feeling and my heart goes out to the citizens of Israel who have lived in close proximity to Gaza and under the constant threat of fire for the last several years.

Both the Palestinian and Jewish people have known oppression and injustice. In 1947 Palestinians say the injustice began for them when the newly formed UN decided to divide the land of Palestine into two states. The Arabs thought the plan was unjust and they chose war. Throughout the years the Arab world has had more chances and each time they have chosen war. Recently this war has targeted civilians in Israel either through suicide bombers, random terrorist attacks, or missile and mortars fired from Gaza into southern Israel. Since 2000 almost 1200 Israelis have been killed by terrorism and another 8300 have been injured.

If you ask a Palestinian or a supporter of the Palestinian cause what do they want the resounding answer will be an end to the Israeli occupation. In 2005, Israel made a step in that direction by completely removing their military presence and all settlements from Gaza. Although Israel remained in control of the borders and other areas of the region most logical people would conclude that this was a reasonable step in an effort for peace. How did Hamas react to this withdrawal? Once again they chose violence. After the Israeli withdrawal rocket fire on southern Israel was increased nearly 500%.

The Palestinians feel they have suffered grave injustices. The fact is both sides have. But when is it just to intentionally target innocent civilians? Why did the violence in Hamas increase after Israel pulled out of Gaza if their end goal is an end to the occupation?

Where I am from right is right and wrong is wrong. Celebrating in the streets when an innocent Israeli is killed is wrong. Targeting innocent civilians because it is your only means of fighting back is wrong. I had no biases when I moved here but over the months I have seen myself become pro-Israeli. And I don’t see how any logical and moral person can not share my views.

Ralph, Israel (01.03.09)