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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

"We live in a world where when Christians kill Muslims, it's a crusade. When Jews kill Muslims, it's a massacre. When Muslims kill Muslims, it's the weather channel. Nobody cares."

That's what Dan Gillerman, Israel's Ambassador to the UN, said, however, I would change one word in: "When Jews kill Muslims, it's a massacre."

When Jews kill Muslims, it's not called just a massacre, but often the word "genocide" is used. Even though the so-called "Palestinian people" has one of the fastest growing populations in the world.

During the last SEVEN and a half years only about 4000 Palestinian Arabs have been killed and most of those were armed terrorists in shoot-outs with the IDF or pinpoint actions by the IAF.

Israel does her utmost NOT to harm civilians! But, still, many posters at the Dutch newspaper on-line (Algemeen Dagblad) where I hang out just about every day (Dutch is my mothertongue!) call each and every defense/retaliation move by Israel "genocide".

Of course, when the endless rain of Qassam-rockets (and mortars) on Sderot and the surrounding kibutzim is mentioned, the same people make light of the "home-made devices".

The newspaper itself is part of the MSM, and its reporting is already slanted agains the Jewish state.


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